Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kindred Spirits

Entry One

Entry Two

Entry Three

Look's like some people didn't submit on time, but nevermind!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ok lah I'm sorry Des for saying that you were cheating. Hahahaha.

Congratulations Oracle, I see you are on a roll. A roll that will end in tears when I find the kindred-est spirits of all next week! Wahaha!

Thank you for judging, Nicolette. Or should I say, Yo, Little Pelican. What an awesome name that is.

So our theme is Kindred Spirits and our next judge is Nadia. Photos of cows will be disqualified. I think the same people are playing with the addition of Zara Fung.

oh the suspense

hello people who spent the week taking photos!

ok like huimin said, this is an unbiased opinion and all so i cannot be subjected to any form of resentment or whatever. hmm okay so the yellow elk has informed me of certain unscrupulous tendencies by a certain emo kid(cough dessy! cough) amidst us, and has prompted me to in her words, 'minus marks'. Seeing how i have no idea who took what photo, this is not very possible so anyway here goes:

and the winner is........ENTRY THREE!!!  (what did'cha expect? im a sucker for stuff like that)

consolation goes to....ENTRY TWO! (congrats)

i suppose if a less fluffy person was the judge entry two would win but since its me, go cute bear!

and now the theme for next week is...


ciao bella:)

Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

Entry One (was supposed to be horizontal)

Entry Two

Entry Three
(He loves lollies like a fat kid loves cake!)

Entry Four

Entry Five

Sunday, April 13, 2008

And the winner of Five Shades of Gold is... The Oracle! YAY.

Okay Huimin has chosen our next theme, which is...
Like a fat kid loves cake!
How cute is that right?

And the next judge will be Nicolette.

Anyway just to make clear the contestants this week:

yellow elk
the oracle

Ok, bye bye.

And the winner is...

Hi guys and girls!

Ok so let's all remember how this is a totally unbiased opinion. I don't know whose picture is whose and all that. And for diplomacy's sake I am not going to disclose the reason for my choice.

I'm the judge- so DEAL WITH IT.

(hahahahahahahah ok let me revel in my ultimate power for a few more seconds..)

and the winner for this weeks theme, Five Shades of Gold is....



Consolation prize goes to: ENTRY TWO

Good job folks (:

now someone tell me who I picked. haha

(inverted packman)
Hui Min

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Five Shades of Gold

Entry by The Oracle (Winner)

Entry by yellow elk (Consolation)

Entry by Shu

Entry by Wanping